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Black Hole - AR Effect

AR gives us the opportunity to bring anything to reality. This can be fantastic things from our imagination or, in our case, something that does exist, it is just out of reach for us. Recent science comes closer and closer to what black holes look like, and yet besides tons of simulations we have only one real (and blurry) picture of a black hole. Those simulations are mind-blowing and difficult to understand. The advantage of AR is that it's an interactive experience from which you can actively learn something. We wanted to convey the physics and beauty of a black hole through this filter to learn from it about its amazing characteristics.

The filter simulates a Schwarzschild black hole including the event horizon, the photon ring, the accretion disk, the effect called Doppler beaming and the gravitational lens that distorts the light coming from behind the black hole. All this is very difficult to understand, but through the effect and how it interacts with its surrounding, we want people to experiment, discover and understand those phenomena.

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